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The GRIT Python hockey glove provides players of all ages with the protection they desire, while still allowing for ease of movement and dexterity.


Initial Concept

Our initial concept focused on mapping out the basic idea of the coil shape at the bottom cuff section of the glove. An older glove was cut apart to retrofit coil mock ups using duct tape, mesh fabric and foam material. A 3D CAD part consisting of 3 rotations was developed and printed for both hands. The wrist roll was shifted upward so that the bending point would match up with the wrist position. The coil was stitched to the glove underneath the wrist roll which floated overtop of the coil to allow for mobility.


Various edits were made to the 3D CAD part which included accurate diameters to fit specific sizes, a tapered coil to allow it to overlap itself, and a various amount of widths along the coil. In this prototype the wrist roll and coil were combined and gussets were added between each rotation. This stage proved our concept functionality.


Drawings of the overall glove design were created which displayed initial materials, break sections, and basic color blocking. Another rotation was added to the bottom of the coil made of soft fabric for a better feel for the user.

Final Sampling

The previous prototype was very static so we focused on creating a more fluid, streamlined design. Many iterations of this stage were created to make sure patterns and alignments were accurate to our drawings. In this prototype the wrist roll and coil are still connected just that the coil part starts after the first rotation. The final sample dimensions were altered to have the desired tapered fit and minor details were ironed out such as foam densities, binding details and gusset materials. Graphics and logos were finalized and ready for the final product.