GT4 SUMO Goalie Tower

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Color | Chicago

Size | 36"

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The GT4 Sumo® is the ultimate Goalie Hockey Tower Bag®. Our proven Torsion Technology frame used in the GT4 offers many advantages: lightweight, flexibility and durability. Interior shelves for gear storage includes a mask cover. The GT4 features new black /black graphics and is available in two sizes 36” and 40”.

  • Torsion Technology folding frame system
  • Goalie pad hooks and bungee strap
  • BladePort and stick strap 
  • Flow-through ventilation
  • Equipment shelf with mask cover
  • Foot carpet
  • Mesh door accessory pockets
  • Removable wet/dry mesh bag
Product Specs
Height Width Depth Weight  
36" / 91cm 26" / 66cm 18" / 46cm 18lb / 8.2kg  
40" / 101cm 26" / 66cm 20" / 50cm 19lb / 8.6kg  


Click here to download the GT4 SUMO Goalie Tower user guide.

Goalie pad hooks and bungee strap

Goal pads can be hung by the knee strap or upside down by the skate strap.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Chris J.
They ruined it!!

I've had the original Grit SUMO goalie bag for years and it's been amazing. I've taken it on multiple flights even, and its held up. I decided after about a decade it was time to buy a new one. I ordered one last week during the 4th of july sale.

What were they thinking with this design?? They got rid of two of the most important features. First, there is only a stick holder on one side - which is fine, it's just the wrong side! (for most goalies who are right-handed). The holder is on the right, so the toe of your stick is curving outward, and also it's REALLY awkward to walk with the shaft of the stick poking you in the back while you're pulling the bag with your right hand. WHY??

Second, the strap that fastens the floor carpet to the shelf. That was a VERY important piece because it holds everything in while you zip up the bag. Now it's annoying with the carpet falling down while you try to close the bag. I can't fathom why they would get rid of something so important.

And in exchange for both of those items being gone, we got... a pointless mask cover flap? It's awkwardly shaped and doesn't hold the mask very well, so why bother?

I'm still undecided if I'm going to send it back or not. My old one was pretty beat up, but this one is frustrating to use. What a shame.


Whats up with the delivery? Why so long ?

Poor Customer Service

We purchased this bag in Oct 2023. It is a beautiful goalie bag, however the plastic bar on the back of the bag started to separate a couple of months after purchase. When I contacted customer service in January 2024, they asked me to send pictures and proof of purchase. I sent the information they required immediately. Since it was under warranty, I expected that they would have no problem repairing it. They reassured me that they would get back to me in 10 business days. After 2 months of no response, I emailed them again only to be told that it was year end, that they are a small company, and that they would review my claim as soon as possible. Now we are in June and I still haven't heard a word. We paid almost $500 for this bag. I would never deal with this company again.


Best goalie bag ever


Finally! A bag that our 10U can handle himself and one that makes packing and unpacking gear so much easier and quicker! It seems well-made and sturdy. I wish the bungees for the leg pads were adjustable, but I also know that this is a senior bag and our son’s pads are much smaller than the intended demographic.

Flat rate shipping

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GT4 SUMO Goalie Tower User Guide