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HTFX Hockey Tower

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Color | Boston

Size | 33"

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HTFX Size Guide

HTFX is light-weight, flexible, durable, easily carried or wheeled; the bags composite frame allows for storing beneath the dressing room bench and fitting into smaller cars. Available in - 33 and 36 inch.

  • Torsion Technology folding frame system
  • Side panel shoulder strap
  • Removable pocket for team logo
  • BladePort and stick strap 
  • Flow-through ventilation
  • Equipment shelf with airflow feature
  • Foot carpet
  • Mesh door accessory pockets
  • Removable wet/dry mesh bag
Product Specs
Height Width Depth Weight  
33" / 84cm 20" / 51cm 17" / 43cm 11lb / 5kg  
36" / 91cm 23" / 58cm 18" / 46cm 12lb / 5.5kg  


Click here to download the HTFX Hockey Tower user guide.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Jan Caliguri

Grandson loves this bag

Good bag. Could be better. Part 2 of 2

3) The handle for rolling the bag needs to be changed into one of those extension reinforced handles.

As I walk around with my bag, it keep clipping the back of my legs. The extension would give us more space so I could walk a little more comfortably.

4) The main flap that opens the bag could be reinforced.

Not a big deal but I think it would be nice if when the flap is open, it doesn't droop down.

5) Needs a reinforced strap across the bag for lifting.

When I got to my car, I looked at my bag and thought, wow, there's no easy way of lifting this is there. Something that goes across the body, something that we can maybe velcro, would be nice. Otherwise, it's an awkward lift to get it into and out of the car.

Good bag. Could be better. Part 1 of 2

I bought the 36" HTSE Tower Bag and for the most part, I love it. Here are things I think that will help improve it.

1) It needs to be 40".

I'm a senior player and I can barely fit my stuff (toward the bottom of the bag).
I bring a lot of under gear and essentials with me that I need but I have to consider bringing less just to fit everything in my bag. Stuff like, under shirt and pants, extra jerseys, flip flops for the shower, shower essentials, big towel. The shelf they advertise to put the gloves and elbow pads, I put all these essentials in AND I use the mess clip on bag and it's barely fits. And when it comes to my last item to fit in the bag (hockey girdle) I'm cramming it in there.

2) Better use of space.

I like the shelves they created for the skates and helmet and the little shelf underneath is nice but in the bottom big open compartment, there needs to be side pockets on each side. I'm using the shelf under the helmet for my jerseys and shower essentials and the mesh bag for my undergarment. So there's no place for my gloves and elbow pads. If the bottom had side pockets, I could put my gloves and elbow pads there so I KNOW they're in my bag. That would be helpful.

Matt M
Good storage, lousy zippers.

For a bag that's over $200 in cost, one would expect the outside storage zipper to not seperate and tear. We've only had this bag for one full season of hockey and it hasn't even come close to lasting as long as the Warrior bag we used for 3 years. Rips where the zipper and the material of the bag meet us unacceptable.

Either double stitch or reinforce the material where it's attached similar to what good quality duffle or luggage bags do. 180 day warranty is a joke and you need to stand behind your products, especially if you expect repeat customers. At this time, I would not recommend the HTFX to anyone until there are changes made to quality control and materials.

Poor design

Good bag, but can’t say it’s a great bag. Has a terrible design flaw in the top shelf. It has a forward lean and the skates and helmet constantly fall off. The 4 straps at the top do nothing for adjustment, so it looks like a poor design. Other than that my son likes it, but when I replace the bag it will not be with another one.

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